Teaching Methodology

Since the school is affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) the teaching methodology has been adopted in accordance with the guidelines provided by the board. An exhaustive question bank on each topic has been introduced to give exposure to the students with variety of questions to enhance their learning and understanding. Cumulative revision after each chapter is taken by mentioning the learning objectives. The teachers and students have to maintain their logbooks to observe the learning outcomes. Regular – Subject Enrichment Activities are organized to test different skills. Digital contents are delivered through the Smart Class Board. Teachers have been preparing their digital lesson plans to modernize teaching-learning experience. We are moving towards totally chalk less school.

Him Academy Public School is one of the best boarding schools affiliated to CBSE. It believes in imparting education with visible commitment to excellence in education. Hence this year we have collaborated with highly popular and excellent online portal i.e. ROBOMATE. With the help of ROBOMATE we are able to provide holistic learning platform to the students with, video lectures from experts, Technology Aided Teaching (TAT). Above said content is organized according to the syllabus and an additional support for the students, even in the case of missing their classes in some unavoidable circumstances.

Him Academy School Log