Strengthening Of Global Citizenship Education At HAPS With Visit Of Italian Delegates From IISS Galileo Galilei Nardo, Italy

It was an historical and proud moment for HAPS when an International Delegation from IISS Galileo Galilei Nardo, Italy visited HAPS. This delegation, consisting of two teachers Prof. Mariano Pasquale and Prof. Manca Viettorio along with seven students Aloisi Dalila, Presicce Letizia, De Razza Gaia, Previdero Antonio, Losavio Clara, Rizzo Simone and Chetta Vittoria was on a five days visit at HAPS for cultural exchange program under the project “Global Citizenship, Education.” During this visit, members of the delegation met with His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet at Dharamshala and sought blessings of the noble laureate. His Holiness emphasized on the need of ethical education in our society and as well as in schools. He met with the Italian delegates along with Er. Pankaj Lakhanpal, Director HAPS, Er. Naina Lakhanpal, Principal HAPS in a very warm manner.

During special morning assembly, Prof. Mariano Pasquale and Prof. Manca Viettorio briefed about the Global Citizenship Education and said that this was an amazing experience to be here in India and observing the cultural similarities & differences and great Indian cultural heritage was quite marvelous. They taught our school students many phrases and words of Italian language and shared very important information about their literature. They also discussed about their geographical locations, school and food recipes as well. They offered some Italian eatable items and also presented Italian Dance. They also mentioned that it is really tremendous that both of the schools are sharing a common platform to create global citizens. Afore mentioned teachers also admired the discipline of students of the school a lot. Italian students also admired the great tradition & culture of India and called it a very successful visit. The delicious delicacies of food here in India were awesome, they added. Delegate teachers said that to make the students a Global citizen, it is a responsibility of the world but, no doubt IISS Galileo Galilei Nardo, Italy and HAPS are doing a tremendous job by stepping forward in the same direction.

Prof. R.C. Lakhanpal, Chairman HAPS, Mrs. C.P. Lakhanpal, Vice Chairman HAPS, Er. Pankaj Lakhanpal, Director HAPS, Er. Naina Lakhanpal, Principal HAPS, Dr. Himanshu Sharma, Principal Academics, HAPS thanked all their staff members and students for their valuable support to make this visit a great success.

Moreover for upcoming projects and cultural exchange programs with Italy in future, HAPS has created a web journal and one more app is proposed in near future by which students of both countries will be able to learn Hindi and Italian language simultaneously.