Satellite Technology Workshop At HAPS

On December 26, 2020 under ‘Aatmnirbhar Bharat’ an online Satellite Technology Workshop (for 6th-12th grade students) was organized at HAPS. Dr. Abdullah Rasheed, Honorable Education Minister, Maldives was the chief guest of this workshop. Students of above-mentioned classes enthusiastically participated in this workshop and got enlightened about basic details of a satellite, various other important aspects of space technology and job opportunities in the field of space & research technology. This workshop was successfully hosted by Er. Ravishankar Kumar, the founder of IDYM. Under proper guidance & supervision of Mrs. Kavita Thakur (IT Teacher, HAPS), this workshop was conducted smoothly. Er. Naina Lakhanpal, Principal, HAPS and Dr. Himanshu Sharma, Principal Academic, HAPS admired this workshop a lot and said these types of workshops are great inspiration for students and always inspire the students to become more creative & innovative in their future.