Musical Night Cum Cultural Evening At HAPS

A cultural evening was organized at HAPS VN on Sunday, April 05, 2019. The Modern Folk singer Mr. A.C Bhardwaj was the chief guest of the evening and made everyone on their feet with his melodious voice and songs. Songs in local dialects i.e. ‘Dhurdhu Nachada’, ‘Dunge Naaluyen’ and ‘Naati Simaoure wali’ mesmerized everyone in the school. Ms. Neha and Ms. Radhika (Himachali Singers) also shared the same platform with the Chief Guest of the evening. It was the first Cultural Evening of the session which was organized to welcome the boarding students and they also enjoyed the evening a lot. Dr. Himanshu Sharma, Principal Academics also motivated the students to maintain proper discipline in their life and school. Er.(Mrs.) Naina Lakhanpal, Principal congratulated the school staff for the successful execution of the programme.