Model United Nations Or MUNs, In My Opinion, Are A Way Of Holistic Development Of One’s Persona.

The kind of skills you hone, the experience you get, is indomitable and unparalleled which shall help the individual in all walks of life. One is made to see and tackle a panorama of problems with a skeptical and intriguing approach. At HAPS Mun 2021, I as the director of UNDP committee, had a chance to take an insightful view into the upcoming generation’s (not that I am too old) innovative and pragmatic minds. They were full of new ideas and avant-grade approaches towards what they were challenged with. The topics, indeed, were diligently chosen. Our committee discussed and deliberated about the Mission 2030: attaining Zero hunger in Africa. Delegates of different countries, as they were assigned, deliberated on the causes of hunger and numerous ways to eradicate it on an international level. Their meticulous preparation dazzled on their faces. However, the methodology or the Rules of Procedure of an MUN are a bit complex and hard to absorb, but the students did a commendable job in getting a hold of them. The sheer effort of the teachers and able guidance and support provided by the management is worth mentioning here Thank you HAPS for providing this opportunity!!.  All in all, doing MUNs always exhilarated me, and now I believe we’ve sown a seed of the same in the students who participated in it.