A Virtual Conference With Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh Was Conducted On February 09, 2019

Virtual Conference at HAPS
A virtual conference with Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh was conducted on February 09, 2019. Eleven students of HAPS (i.e. Disha Jagriti, Amisha Sharma, Piyush Pandit, Prateek Soharu, Harsh Sharma, Inyat Negi, Aman Khimta, Aanchal, Ishita Sharma, Astha Jhobta and Anviksha) participated in it. A seminar on ‘Mindfulness’ and Warli Art’ was also organized in the conference. The Seminar started with a welcome note by Chittagong Grammar School, followed by an interactive speech by Korvi Rakshand (Social Worker). During this conference, students of 32 schools discussed on various topics raised in the aforementioned conference.