HAPSians Alumni Association

HAPS Prides itself on developing and nurturing a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst its students, staff and families. However this sense of community does not simply disappear once our students receive a heartfelt bid adieu.

The HAPS Alumni Portal aims to maintain and in some cases reignite the wonderful friendship and working relationship forged at our campus. We would like to know that HAPS is always a place they can return to as they pursue their future endeavours in the adult world reaching as always for the bright stars.

Relationship Management incubation at HAPS

HAPS Relationship Management usually serves three key audiences: prospective students, current students, and alumni. At HAPS bond with our students begin well before they step into the corridors of this campus. Our school supporting team members approach the prospective students through reciprocal interest sharing channels and make affable connections which soon after become face to face acquaintances. We at HAPs never leave a stone unturned to metalize this bonding stronger and stronger. These relationships are next inventoried to form alumni band using cloud based networks and through personal exchange events and meets.

Why are alumni relations important at HAPS?

In general, institutions are not practicing what they teach when it comes to their former clients- their alumni. In short, they are failing in alumni engagement. But at HAPS we firmly believe in forming alumni bonds for creating referrals, references and rankings. In addition we look forward to get alumni contributions to the development of new study plans and programs by getting their expertise through collaborative guest lecturers, calling them as advisors and collaborative partners on several projects in execution with the institutions.

Meet your Batch Mates

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Notable Alumni

Kim Prag

Lieutenant Colonel

Sachin Verma

Lieutenant Commander

Hitesh Lakhanpal