A Home Away From Home

Hostel Life
Boarding life in HAPS is a home away from home where we provide an environment for students to develop their intellectual talents in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and in conditions that are conducive to work. Boarding builds self confidence, freedom, and the capacity to interact with adults & fellow friends. Here life is fully self disciplined. Equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities, The Boarding Houses are an effort to create comfortable home away from home. School has separate hostels for boys & girls, where they are given personal attention and care by experienced Hostel Parent, Chief warden & assistant warden. Each student has a comfortable bed, a book rack and cupboard for their personal belongings. The Hostels are supported by laundry & House Keeping facilities.
At HAPS we operate seven day boarding schedule with an academic time table with lessons from Monday to Saturday and weekends offer a rich programme of recreational activities, social occasions, outings and, opportunities for student to catch up with themselves.

Morning Activities
Waking up in the morning starts with soft soothing music. The day starts with refreshing Zumba, Aerobics and yoga exercises at 6:00 am in the morning followed by School routine, daily games and supervised study hours. Morning walks, nature walks are also important features of our hostel activities.

School provides nourishing and healthy meals to the boarders. Special care is taken to provide a balanced and nutritious diet including cereals, butter, eggs, cheese, fruit, green leafy vegetables, Mutton and Chicken etc whereas fresh milk is provided to junior students before going to bed.

Medical Facility
Round the clock medical facility is available in the school dispensary fostering a sense of safety and care among the students. Qualified doctor is available daily for comprehensive medical check-up of the boarders who is supported by a residential Nurse. Sick children are served special food according to the requirement.

Hostel Staff
Him Academy Hostel is equipped with a strong proficient team. Dean of Students welfare (D.S.W). and Deputy Dean of Students welfare (D.D.S.W.) are aided with a capable pastoral care and personnel Counseling Cell. Hostel Parents help students to tackle and overcome any stress that they may feel due to home sickness or any other reason. Students are taken care by Support Staff which includes Chief Hostel Wardens, Wardens, Assistant Wardens and Maintenance Staff. Each dorm is under the personal care of a Warden. A very well trained and experienced team of teachers and hostel staff supervises and facilitates the students in the process of becoming self-reliant.

Audio Visual Facilities
The audiovisual display is used in the common room for recreational activities like showcasing of movies and T.V. Programs. To break the monotonous routine, hostellers are also taken to the PVR to watch movie now and then.

Communication with Parent
To be in regular touch with the parents, 24 hours telephone and video calling facility is provided outside every room. Each student is given a day to contact his/her parent.

Outings are scheduled for boarders once in a month. Monthly Food Fests are organized to satisfy child's food cravings. Along with this they are taken to small picnics to some places of historical importance and temples. All the students, who have their birthday, cut the cake and enjoy party with their friends.

Study Hours
Academics is given due importance for which in the evening preparatory classes are conducted for all boarders. During these classes experienced faculty members of the School take doubt removal sessions for boarders. Students are given enough time for self study. Two hours each day are allotted for them to prepare themselves for the exams of every kind. Night Study Hours are supervised by the Hostel parents.

Personality Building Programs
For the holistic development of the children a number of personality development programs are organized through a well planned curriculum. Spoken English classes are structured. SEVA assembly, Dressing Up Workshops, Eating and Etiquette Workshops are some other programs worth mentioning. Students are also prepared for national and international Conferences and inter school competitions.

School Clinic
School Clinic is another initiative taken up by the school for the students falling in the age group of 6years to 14 years. In school Clinic students with special education need are provided specific remedial help in the form of a number of competency based worksheets. A considerable improvement in the academic performance of students has been found through this feature.

Cultural and Sports Activities
A yearly calendar is framed separately for hostlers including all the activities and celebrations to be carried out during the year in which the academics and physical fitness is given due importance. School strives hard to engage students in various games and sports activities such as Athletics, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Hand ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Yoga, Karate, Swimming, Carom Board, Chess and P.T.

Safe and Secure Environment
The campus and hostels is put under 24X 7 X 365 CCTV surveillance in order to provide protected environment to strengthen school in order to provide protected environment to strengthen school and night. The entrance and exits are fully under controlled access. Campus residents are regularly trained with safe and secure methods to be adopted whenever required.