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Co - Curricular Activities


Him Academy Public School (HAPS) is one of the top boarding schools in India. Our mission is the all-round development of the personality of a child. We prepare children not for examinations but for life. For this HAPS has a wide range of activities to expand their awareness and give students valuable experience.
HAPS has always been known for its varied activities carried out throughout the year. The objectives of these activities are to develop creativity, life skills, organizational ability, leadership capabilities, global outlook, global friendship, and self-confidence.


Day camps are organized, in which full day is dedicated to various skill development activities.
  • Folk Dances
  • Western Dances
  • Drama/ Skit
  • Instrumental Music/ Singing
  • Hip-Hop
  • Role Play



  • Presentations Making
  • Web Page Designing
  • Animation
  • Computer Typing



Celebration of Festivals

Our students celebrate each festival twice, first in the school premises along with the staff and fellow students, and other at home with parents.

Celebration of Special Days

Important days as Earth day, No Tobacco day, Vivekananda's Anniversary, BioDiversity Week, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti etc. are celebrated by organizing introductory speeches, Role Plays, exhibitions, Rally's and Nukkad Plays.

Inspirational Talks

Distinguished guests are invited to the school to share their valuable experience with the students and inspire them to follow their example and become productive citizens of the nation.

House System

The students are divided into four houses as follows:
  • Raman
  • Bhabha
  • Aryabhatta
  • Bose
Students develop an attitude of leadership, team spirit and get an opportunity to shoulder responsibility through various inter-house activities. These activities go a long way to enable a student to develop expression at this tender age.


Being one of the top CBSE schools in India, HAPS believes that the students need career counseling before they go out to explore the world, so that, they can know more about the available options.

The Career Counselling Cell of the school counsels the senior secondary students for placement in various professional courses available in India and abroad. Time to time eminent career counselors are invited to guide the students and career counseling fairs are organized on the school campus. Renowned professional colleges participate in it. The students obtain information about various career options available in fields like aviation, management, hospitality, medical, engineering, Biotech, IT etc.



The school periodically organizes Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM), where parents can discuss their ward's progress in various spheres with the teacher. Attendance of all the parents in such meetings is encouraged. The Parent-Teacher Meetings for different classes may be arranged on different days. The meetings are also organized on a one-to-one basis between the parent and the teacher, in order to monitor the ward's progress.


To develop a sense of social and civic responsibility among the students, N.S.S. Unit was inaugurated in Him Academy Public School, Vikas Nagar, the top boarding school in India, on 1st May 2012. The primary aim of the scheme is to enable the students to upgrade their personality and experiences through community service. N.S.S. Unit organizes the one-day camp, a celebration of special and international days, seven-day special camp every year, to enable them to apply their knowledge for finding practical solutions to individual and community problems. Through activities students get the chance to participate in ‘Youth Leadership Camps’, which give them an opportunity to participate in the state as well as National Level ‘Republic Day Parade’.

Within a short Span of time unit has made its presence felt at State as well as National Level.

Achievements of the Unit

  • 1. Ms. Rohini participated in Republic Day Parade at New Delhi 2013.
  • 2. Ms. Konica participated in Republic Day Parade at Shimla 2013.
  • 3. Mr. Parth participated in Republic Day Parade at Shimla 2013.
  • 4. Mr. Karan Verma participated in Republic Day Parade at New Delhi 2014.
  • 5. Ms. Anchal participated in Republic Day Parade at Shimla 2014.
  • 6. Mr. Amit participated in Republic Day Parade at Shimla 2014.
  • 7. Mr. Deshveer participated in Republic Day Parade at Shimla 2014.
  • 8. Mr. Sourabh Negi is selected to participate in Republic Day Parade 2015 at Shimla.
  • 9. Mr. Depesh Soni is selected to participate in Republic Day Parade 2015 at Shimla.
Top boarding Schools | Karan Verma | Republic Day Parade
Karan Verma Participating in Republic Day Parade
Residential Schools in India | Karan Verma | President of India
Karan Verma with honorable President of India
Top CBSE Schools in India | Mrs. C.P. Lakhanpal | Ms. Rohini
Joint Director Mrs. C.P. Lakhanpal honoring Ms. Rohini
Top boarding Schools | Ms. Anchal | Republic Day Parade
Ms. Anchal Participated in State Republic Day Parade
Residential Schools in India | Mr. Amit | Republic Day Parade
Mr. Amit Participated in State Republic Day Parade
Top CBSE Schools in India | Mr. Deshveer | Republic Day Parade
Mr. Deshveer Participated in State Republic Day Parade


Each morning of residential students of Him Academy Public School begins with a physical training program which is meant to develop the holistic well-being of the student. The training program includes Yoga, Aerobic exercises, Mass P.T, Cross country, Zumba, Power Yoga as per the schedule. These activities make HAPS the best residential school in India.

During School Hours: Students may have different interests. Keeping this in view the students are divided into different game groups as per their choice. Physical teachers are involved to impart knowledge of playing fields and required skill to play the game. Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Badminton and indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom and Chess form a major part of the sports timetable.

Special swimming classes are carried on in a well maintained swimming pool on the campus itself.

Apart from this different sports competitions are organized. Organizing of different house matches ensure the improvement of overall personality of the student by learning, coordination, motivation and team spirit.

Organization of sports meets for different categories helps reduce the boredom of classes and burden of studies.

The students are also facilitated to participate in open tournaments organized by sports association.

The students are also trained by qualified instructors to participate in North Zone CBSE cluster meet on various games.