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International Activities

The School offers a strong and well-established platform to lead the students for INTERNATIONAL understanding through various information exchange projects with partner schools in 8 countries namely UK, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Fiji, Indonesia and Philippines. International Education Week is celebrated by inviting teachers from PARTNER schools or guests of Different Nationalities to interact with the students. Student's exchanges and visits to abroad are planned with International Partner Schools.

Following is the list of our Partner schools for sharing student projects:

  • Gartree Community School, Tattershall, U.K.
  • Benjaminn Britten High School, Lowestsoft, U.K., Illford Primary School, U.K.
  • Shinwon Elementary School, South Korea, Gymnasium High School, Russia.
  • Recently, Dr. (Mrs.) Hiamanshu Sharma, Principal (Academics) attended 6th Asia-pacific school Leadership Academy organized by Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding with support of UNESCO from October 26-30, 2015. The 5-day academy aimed to strengthen the capacity of school leaders to develop and implement creative and sustainable school exchange programmes.

There they worked out action plans for student-Teacher exchange with schools in Seoul, Thailand, Fiji, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, China and Mongolia.

We are also coming up with other information exchange projects with these schools through Online exchange.

A brief detail of activities carried out with Partner schools

  • A visit by Australian Principal Mrs. Helen Warnod, Camber well, Victoria Australia and a reciprocal visit by Principal (Academics), Himanshu Sharma under Australia India Principal exchange programme arranged by Asia Education Foundation.
  • A workshop on teaching of French words and a French poem for students by Mrs. Helen Warnod.
  • A presentation by Mrs. Warnod to the teaching staff of HAPS on tools and techniques of pupil-assessment carried out in Australia.
  • Information exchange by Pen Pals of HAPS and Gartree Community School (U.K.)
  • Exchange of Greeting Cards on Christmas & Diwali by Gartree and HAPS students.
  • Visit by Mr. Matthew West, Physical and Religious Education teacher from Gartree Community School, U.K. (As a part of Reciprocal visit funded by DFID, U.K.)
  • Learning of Kho-Kho and teaching of Rounders (English Game) to HAPS students by Mr. Matthew West.
  • A workshop on Eating Etiquettes: Taught use of cutlery by Mr. Matthew West to HAPS students.
  • A presentation on Gartree Community U.K. to all the students of HAPS and members of staff.
  • A discussion on Future Project Planning with teachers.
  • Visit by Er. (Mrs.) Naina Lakhanpal Principal,  HAPSVN to Gartree Community School, U.K.

(As a part of Reciprocal visit funded by DFID, U.K.)

  • A presentation on HAPS to all the students of Gartree and members of staff.

Shared information about India and taught Hindi words to the pupils of Gartree and nearby Primary School.

  • Information exchange on the currency of U.K. and India with Gartree Community.
  • Exchange of information on historical Monuments of India and U.K. on an online platform e- languages.
  • Teaching of Hindi Language to the Gartree Community School, U.K. through e-languages.
  • Information exchange of festivals of India & U.K. through Power Point presentation on e-languages. Information exchange on Child Rights.
  • HAPS further developed partnership with Gartree Community and did a Project on “Fair Trade”.

For developing the partnership well and taking it further both the schools received Global Curriculum Project Grant from British Council.

And two teachers Ms. Emma and Ms. Rebecca visited our school to share about “Fair Trade” in U.K. and other continued projects.

Er. (Mrs.) Naina Lakhanpal, Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Himanshu Sharma, Principal (Academics) and a student Master Prakrit visited Gartree Community, U.K. to share “Fair Trade” practices in India.

  • Visit by Mr. Andrew Hine, Deputy Head Teacher of Gartree Community School in 2011 to share his experience in Target Setting and student progress.
  • Mr. Andrew Hine was appointed to the headship of BBHS in April 2011. And he took this relationship to BBHS. And a Partnership programme was started with BBHS and students started project on sustainability-Vermicomposting.
  • During 2012 students exchanged information with each other about their schools and students at BBHS did a questionnaire devised by HAPSVN students to explore U.K. students attitudes to energy use. Again a visit by Mr. Andrew Hine, Head teacher, BBHS and his wife Mrs. Wendy Hine to school as part of partnership programme with Benjaminn Britten High School in 2013 Funded by DFID. Er. (Mr.) Pankaj Lakhanpal, Director, HAPSVN and Er. (Mrs.) Naina Lakhanpal also paid a reciprocal visit to BBHS, U.K.

They demonstrated steps to prepare Vermicompost from organic waste and shared about other continued projects and future projects.

  • Visit by Er. (Mrs.) Naina Lakhanpal, Principal, HAPSVN to Japan to Study Education System and Culture of Japan under a Japan Foundation’s programme. She shared the experience with students and staff of home school through a report and presentation.
  • Exchange of Art work between HAPSVN and lncheon Bunae, South Korea.
  • Exchange of Art and work (book marks) between HAPSVN and Shingwon elementary school, South Korea.


  1. Celebration of IEW (International Education Week)

We celebrate IEW every year.

During IEW, generally,

  • We organise Fashion Show or Fancy dress show of students wearing traditional costumes of different countries especially of the partner school countries.
  • Students also collect greeting words or some helpful phrases of different countries and then paste them on a collage of maps of different countries.
  • We also try to invite a guest of foreign nationality for school visit and plan carrying out various activities with the guest. e.g. 

Once we invited a Japanese guest from Japan foundation, New Delhi and planned some activities like wearing a Japanese dress, using Japanese greeting words or some phrases.

Ms. Junko Yamanoi, Assistant director, Japan Foundation, India visited school and demonstrated wearing Japanese dress Kimono. Students also learnt different Japanese words from her.

This year Ms. Guddi, Ms. Khatriya Armstrong and Ms. Rani, overseas admission consultants visited school during IEW and taught students Thai greeting words and phrases.

  1. Celebration of International Days

HAPSVN celebrates days of international importance like World Earth Day, International Biodiversity Day, Labour Day through exhibitions, Role plays, Slogan-writings, Paintings, Tree Plantations and also providing information of other Countries related to a particular day.

Impact on Students

Students are really keen to do international activities. It enhances their excitement for the activity as they know activity has a purpose and an audience. They knew it that whatever work they were doing would be seen by pupils at their partner school. In learning foreign language project, they enjoyed looking up new words and commented on the similarities and mainly differences between the English, Hindi and French words. Projects make them think about their own languages and how other languages differ in both spelling and pronunciation.

Pen pals look forward to their letters and enjoy writing theirs.

The gap between the two partners was reduced with Video Conferencing. Students enjoyed performing on the plays sent by Gartree. Through the project on currency they got to know more about the currency of U.K. The conversion of money and its denomination.

The most effective part of this activity was maximum participation of HAPSIAN. A wide exposure from script writing, painting, preparing PPTS enhanced students creativity and curriculum oriented projects improved teaching learning.

Students of grade 4 are really excited receiving book marks (Art Work) from Shingwon elementary school. South Korea recently initiated partnership.