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A Home Away From Home

1. Hostel Life

The life at Him Academy Public School (one of the best residential schools in India) hostels inspires the students to varied and deeper levels of physical, intellectual and emotional growth. Students, here, come across many persons with different backgrounds, thereby helping them evolve as better social beings. 

Separate Hostels are provided for girls and boys. The school has boarding facilities for around 500 students. Boarding life in HAPS provides a secure and supportive environment for students. Hostels are made up of dormitories with attached washrooms. Each dorm is under the personal care of a Warden who is a qualified teacher. Upon joining, the students settle into a well-designed routine. In the evening preparatory classes are conducted for all boarders. During these classes experienced faculty members of the School take doubt removal sessions for boarders. English Speaking classes are also organized for boarders. Provision for activities like watching TV, reading books, newspaper, and sports is also available in the hostel. Talent hunt, Watching Movies in the theatre, cultural evenings, Picnics are other recreational activities enjoyed by the students. A 24-hours telephone facility is provided to the students so that they can stay connected to their families. Two resident experienced NURSES and a Visiting DOCTOR are available to take care of student-health and well being.

2.  Formalities to be completed before the allotment of seat in the hostel

  • Updated medical record.
  • Hostel fee and imprest money deposit.
  • Identification of guardians.
  • Information in writing to the warden/house master, about the medication the student is undergoing along with the prescription of the doctor, countersigned by the school doctor. Warden/house master will decide whether the medicine can be retained by the student or not.

3. Daily Routine

Students living in the hostels are required to follow a pre-determined routine from getting up in the morning to sleeping at night. This routine is prepared by the school on the basis of previous experiences. It is based on the assumption that disciplined way of living is better than the undisciplined/erratic way of living. It is a time-tested fact, accepted by everyone. Hence, the students need to know the importance of daily routine.

Education means the all-round development of the personality. Educationists believe that success depends upon the life skills that we learn during our education in the school. That is why we are very particular about the daily routine. Since we are responsible for 24 × 7 hours planning of all days for which the students reside in the hostel. We emphasize strict follow up of daily routine that teaches the students living in hostels, different life skills which contribute a lot to their success in life.

4. Correcting the errants

Students cannot be allowed to have their own way, their own daily routine, their own way of spending money because they are children and are ignorant about many realities of life. The school adheres to the norms prescribed by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), for dealing with the breach of the code of conduct and rules-regulations approved by the school. The penalty is imposed in the form of:

  • Counselling (proper annotated record to be maintained).
  • Calling the parents/guardians for a detailed discussion on the behavior of the student.
  • Warning (oral or written) with a proper record to be maintained.
  • Suspension of certain privileges.
  • Fine to be recovered out of pocket money, with information to the parents.
  • Withdrawal/expulsion from the school without refund of any kind.

There is a laid down procedure for appeal against the penalty which is considered by the competent authority and decision is arrived at. The decision of the Principal in this regards is final.