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Admission Procedure

At Him Academy Public School, the best boarding school in Himachal Pradesh, we believe in educating children so that they become responsible citizens, who believe in making the world a better place.

The procedure for admission in the best private boarding school requires the child to get registered by following the procedure listed below:

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Steps for Admission



Enquire at front office; get the registration form.


Fill in the registration form and deposit the registration fee.


Get the registration number and admission test date from the fee clerk.


Take the admission test on the given date. Sample question papers are available on our website


To know about the whole procedure of admission and for any other inquiry contact admission coordinator.


School declares the result of admission test and offers admission to the candidate and gives the date for payment of fee and completion of admission formalities (Admissions are offered on basis of performance of the child in the admission test).


Accept the admission offer by depositing the first installment of fee in the bank through NEFT/cash voucher. Form for depositing the fee in the bank is enclosed in the admission kit. The form can also be downloaded from the school website. The fee can also be paid online by using payment gateway through school website ( Parents should intimate the payment of fee through school copy of NEFT / cash voucher or e-mail ( or through SMS/WhatsApp on mobile number – 94593 93200 mentioning transaction identity in their communication. The receipt for the payment of fee will be issued only when the evidence for payment of fee is produced to the fee clerk


On the already intimated date, the parents and students should come to school along with the evidence of having paid the first installment of fee and the documents required for admission to fill in the admission forms. Parents should bring 8 passport size photographs of the student and 2 passport size photographs each of father, mother, and guardians (for boarders only).


The parents obtain the receipt for the payment of the fee from the fee clerk by showing the evidence of fee payment. The receipt contains admission number of the student which should be quoted on all admission documents. The front office will guide the parents to the admission committee. The admission committee will scrutinize the admission forms and explain the school rules to the parents and student.


The admission committee will send the scrutinized forms to the Principal for formal approval.


Student and parents, meet the Principal for formal approval of the admission.


Student/parents, collect academic calendar from the admission coordinator.


Boarders, contact the admission coordinator for hostel allotment slip.


Boarder and parents, go to hostel reception for occupying the allotted seat and for obtaining detailed hostel rules and regulations and guidelines. Parents are not allowed to go beyond the reception area.

Note:   1.  The admission to any class will be considered provisional till the certificate of passing the previous exam and other documents are submitted by the student.

2.  The registration for class 10 and 12 will be permitted only after verification of the subject codes of students in classes 9 & 11. Contact the registrar for admission to these classes.